Part 1


The Couch Stretch

From kneeling, left foot on wall, knee on ground, right foot flat on floor. Where are your hands comfortable - floor, knees, hips or raised?


The Breathing Bridge

From laying flat, bring your feet flat on the floor and raise your hips. Are you comfortable for 3 breaths? Are your hips level?


The Resting Cactus

Laying flat, cactus your arms out to 90º angles. Can your arms + hands lay flat? Is one lifting up more than the other?


The Flying Cactus

Laying face down, cactus arms and raise arms 2-3 inches off the floor.

Are you comfortable for 3 breaths? Is it easier on your left or right side?


The Walking Dog

From downward dog, walk feet to hands and hang loose. What catches or pulls? How comfortable are you? What’s resisting?


The Queen Cobra

From laying flat face down, engage lower body, raise shoulders + head. Is anything pinching? Where does your back resist?


The Purring Cow

While on all fours, inhale and arch your back up, exhale and arch down. What catches or sticks? How comfortable are you?


The Chirping Dog

While on all fours, extend your left hand and right leg out straight. Does your back posture change from all fours? Are your hips level?


The Side Plank

Begin in side plank with knees bent and rested, raise hips, then knees. Is your body in a straight line? Can you take 3 comfortable breaths?


The Reverse Lunge

While standing, step 1 foot back to create a 90º angle with your front leg. Does your front knee wobble? Did you lose balance? Did you stay upright?


The Sit Stand

From standing, cross your legs and sit down into lotus. Now reverse. Could you get back up? Did you need your hands?