As founders of Saje Natural Wellness, Kiara and Kate, care deeply about helping others feel and perform their absolute best. Having spent years championing wellness through essential oils, holistic fitness was a natural evolution.

Our story

When fitness became our top priority, the hunt for designer home equipment began. But after a five year search, all we’d found was a gap in the market. So we designed our own. Guided by elite fitness experts and precision manufacturers, our gear is designed to be the best on the market, yet beautiful enough to display.

Meet Behnad

Our Functional Movement expert empowers the Lifted community to understand not just how to train, but why to train

As founder of one of Vancouver’s top health and wellness hubs, FIT TO TRAIN, Behnad Honarbakhsh has lectured in 15+ countries and supported 11 Major League teams in the NBA, CFL, NFL, MLS and MLB with performance enhancement, rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Not just how to be fit, but why.

We’ve experienced the power of purpose-driven, functional exercise firsthand. It’s our mission to create industry-leading equipment and inspire high-quality movement.

We’re on this holistic fitness journey with you.

As part of the Lifted community, it’s our mission to empower you with expert knowledge, so you’ll know how to set goals that support your unique lifestyle and how to move your body to achieve them.

Designed for form and function

Every detail of our equipment has been considered and run by our panel of experts to create gym equipment that motivates by design. Each meticulously-chosen material is crafted to withstand the wear of your daily tear.

Recycled steel, new life

Our handcrafted equipment is made using majority recycled steel, without compromising quality or durability. Because everything deserves a second chance.